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The climate justice project aims to provide accessible discussions of the justice-related issues that underpin an effective response to climate change.

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A climate transition has to be informed by the best scientific understanding of climate change, the most cost-effective response and have widespread support. Yet, what is crucial for a climate transition is that it be a just transition, one that distributes any costs or benefit to the right groups and in the right way. The climate justice project aims to provide accessible discussions of some of the justice related issues that underpin an effective response to climate change.

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Export Emissions Tool

The export emissions tool displays the emissions produced from the fossil fuels exported from Australia, Norway, Canada and the USA. The tool shows exported CO2-e. The tool allows the user to view the exported emissions produced by fuel, year and country. The tool also has a ‘responsibility bar’ that allows the user to attribute responsibility for emissions based on how much responsibility they think the exporting country should have. For a discussion of this issue see the article ‘The Morality of Exports’.

How it Works: Under the Paris Agreement states are only responsible for the emissions that are produced within their territorial boundaries. Their ‘scope 1+2’ emissions. However, states plausibly must take some responsibility for the contribution that their exported ‘scope 3’ emissions make to climate change. By moving the responsibility bar below between 0-100% we can see what a state’s contribution to climate change is depending on how much responsibility you think they ought to have for their exported emissions.

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0.5 Gigatonne CO2-e
500 Megatonne CO2-e
500000 Tonne CO2-e
*Exported carbon dioxide equivalent

Export Data

  • australian emissions
  • Over time: 1970 - 2019
  • Compared with other nations
  • Paris target emissions
  • Compared to global annual emissions
Data from the National Inventory Submissions 2019 to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

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