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Carbon Justice
Jeremy Moss
11 November 2021  |  

New Book ‘Carbon Justice’ on Australia’s climate scandal

It’s a shocking fact: the emissions produced annually from the fossil fuels extracted by Australia’s major gas, coal and oil producers – the likes of Glencore, BHP, Yancoal, Peabody, Chevron and Anglo American – and sold here and overseas are larger than the emissions of all 25 million Austr...

Climate Justice
1 November 2021  |  

Australia’s net-zero plan fails to tackle our biggest contribution to climate change: fossil fuel exports

The Morrison government’s eleventh hour commitment to net zero by 2050 is a monumental failure. Critics rightly point out the government’s plan involves no increase to Australia’s 2030 climate target, no new funding or policies and few concrete details of how reductions will be achieved –...

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New briefing note: NSW Minerals Council mining-Led COVID-19 recovery proposal will undermine international efforts for climate change mitigation

Download the full Briefing Note The NSW Minerals Council (NSWMC) has recommended that 21 new coal projects be developed as part of a state COVID-19 recovery plan. Its report, Mining for Recovery, identifies 32 projects in various stages of approval, 21 of which are coal projects. If approved and de...

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Read our new report: Social Justice and the future of fire insurance in Australia

Download the report The Royal Commission into Natural Disaster Arrangements (Bushfire Royal Commission) opens its hearings next week. One of the issues that it will need to consider is whether the Australian system of home insurance is still fit for purpose in the face of increased climate-induced ...

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ARC Grant: A Just Climate Transition

Climate Justice Project Director, Professor Jeremy Moss, has been awarded  $191,374 in the latest round of the government’s Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants. Prof. Moss's project, A Just Climate Transition,  alongside Hepburn Wind, University of Queensland, Samso Energy Acad...

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NEWS: South Korea’s Green New Deal, Exxon Struggles and Morrison’s other stimulus

  As governments unveil their coronavirus stimulus packages, it is crucial that money not be wasted trying to save the unsavable. Yet, this is exactly what the government is doing via its continuing subsidies for Australia’s fossil fuel industry. Recent figures from the International Mo...

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News: Scope 3 emissions ignored once again

From the Director: Australia's exported emissions excluded once again Last week the NSW Legislative Council held a hearing into The Berejiklian Government’s Environmental Planning and Assessment (Territorial Limits) Bill. The bill proposes to stop planning authorities considering the end point GH...

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News: COP25, solar desalination plants and UNEP set-backs

From the Director: COP25 - cutting emissions is not enough The latest round of UN climate negotiations - COP 25 – began in Madrid this week. The Conference will attempt to make progress on ramping up measures to meet domestic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. But one thing that COP 25 is un...

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News: Fire warnings, protests and individual action

The crisis a long time coming Scientists at the CSIRO predicted in 1987 that devastating fires would be more likely to occur due to climate change. Dr. Tom Beer, who was responsible for the study connecting fire danger with climate change, blames fossil fuel lobbyists for action not being taken to...

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News: Trump’s failure, boycotting, and a new law set to disregard scope 3 emissions

A set back in global leadership: is it time to start focusing on sub-national actors? In the US, President Trump has begun what will be a year long process of formally leaving the Paris Agreement. The world’s second largest emitting country leaving the global agreement on emissions reduction has...